Weight found inside Black Friday shopper's PSP box

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- One local woman said she did not start the day after Thanksgiving shopping day with what she bargained for, but is happy tonight because her purchase has been replaced.

Sarah Merli waited in line at Toys-R-Us for 4 hours for a PSP game for her son. Merli said, "This was his big present, and I don't know how to come up with another hundred dollars to get it again."

Merli claims when she opened the PSP box at home she found an unpleasant surprise. "I was excited about the purchase, and I wanted to see what he would be playing with, and it wasn't in there." Instead Sarah said she found a metal weight inside the box that had been sealed when she bought it.

Merli said the district manager at Toys-R-Us said the gaming system would be replaced immediately because the metal weight was a piece from a bike they sell at the store.

"I'm extremely frustrated. I'm unemployed at the moment, so I had to borrow the money to get the game from my disabled father. I went there because it is the only thing Matt wanted for Christmas." Now, because of the store's actions, Merli says this Christmas has been saved.

Shoppers say it is a hard lesson everyone needs to take to heart. Black Friday Shopper Holly Braddy said, "In the midst of chaos have to take the time to check packages to make sure they are sealed. Even if you have to open them, do it in front of a customer service manager to check the devices are in the box."

The Assistant Store Manager at Toys-R-Us would not talk with WMBF News. Merli did try to file a police report on the incident, but Myrtle Beach Police say it is a civil matter that will have to be dealt with between the store and Sarah. And police say it really comes down to one person's word against the others.

The store did take action tonight, and provided Merli with a new gaming system for her son.

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