Caught on tape: Riot over $2 waffle maker in Walmart

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) Amid all of the ruckus on Black Friday one video that has caught the attention of the nation is one uploaded to Twitter.

The video shows dozens of people in a Walmart near Little Rock, Arkansas, fighting over a limited supply of the small kitchen appliance.

The $2 version of the waffle maker is a machine that only produces two waffles at a time. Walmart has another 4-waffle version with a much higher price per waffle.

In the video, the fighting goes on for some time. The video was uploaded by a young woman named Ms. Clark. A search throughout her photos and profiles reveals she is from the Little Rock area.

The video was linked on the Drudge Report on Black Friday along with several other stories of wild events at stores, including 2 in NC and 1 in SC.

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