Some residents spend their Thanksgiving at work

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- Several people in different professions spent the day working instead of relaxing with family, including restaurant owners, firefighters, police officers and even Christmas tree growers.

The majority of people say their doors were open to serve the community on a day full of tradition.

Lauren Booth, of Booth's Christmas Tree Farm said working on Thanksgiving day has become a family tradition. Booth said, "After they eat it's time to go pick out a tree and walk off food, so it is crucial for us to be open and provide for them."

The Booth family hopes to sell about a hundred trees today to kick off the Christmas season. Other businesses that were open today say it's one of their biggest chances to make an extra buck.

Debra Smith of Grandma's Kitchen, a local restaurant in Myrtle Beach said, "This day and Christmas helps you get through the winter. Anyone who lives down here knows the downtimes so it helps all businesses make it through winter and Christmas."

Local employers say most of their employees are even thankful to be working on a holiday. Mel Estep at Denny's said, "Our employees who have been here for 6-7 years, core people who are year round appreciate having a job. They're upset with the economy just like we are."

For those who are serving the community like police officers and firefighters, they say they are working to make sure everyone stays safe.

Lt. Dennis Picard of Horry County Fire Rescue said, "It's a very rewarding job. And the guys don't view themselves as heroes or doing something above and beyond it's just a lifestyle and what they've chosen to do."

Grandma's Kitchen employees say they hope to serve about 2,000 customers. But businesses say they hope to make even more sales throughout Black Friday.

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