Local woman fights to keep home

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) One local viewer contacted WMBF News saying she's making her payments on time to live in her home, but it was recently foreclosed on.

Linda Duncan said she is doing everything she can to hold on to it, but she said she is not the one at fault in the legal battle she is fighting.

Duncan said, "My grandkids love it here they call it the beach house." Duncan said she makes payments to an investment company, but her home is now getting foreclosed on by the bank. Duncan added, "It's a money order so I don't know who cashes them, and I don't know what happens to it once it hits the mailbox. We have done everything by the book."

Duncan said she's put almost all of her savings into fixing up her home in Longs. Duncan said, "We put up fans, made repairs, brought appliances, added cabinets. We love it here." So the thought of a foreclosure is what Linda calls a nightmare.

Duncan added, "We pay electric, phone, lawyer, not asking for a handout-take a chance on us and let us keep our home."

Local attorney Steve Fowler said that is not out of the realm of possibility.

Duncan gave WMBF News the documents proving her payments are up to date, and Fowler said her case may hold up in court. Fowler said, "She indicated to me that she made all the payments and not violated the terms of agreement so that is frustrating in this economy when they are doing what supposed to do."

Fowler said the housing business can be tricky so it's important to always keep records. Fowler said, "Make sure you keep the lines of communication with your attorney, lending institution, don't want to be a subject of foreclosure after making payments."

Linda Duncan said she is talking with her attorney about how to get the case dismissed. The bank and the investment company had no comment for WMBF News.

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