Three suspects wanted in attempted burglary

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Myrtle Beach Police are searching for three suspects in connection with an attempted burglary that occurred Friday night.

According to a police report, the three suspects knocked on the door of a home where a male and female were in their living room eating dinner around 9:25 p.m. Friday. When the male victim approached the door, the peep hole was being covered by one suspects finger. That victim reported that he thought a friend was playing a joke and opened the door.

Both victims then observed the three suspects on their porch, and described them as three black males wearing face masks. One suspect wearing a gray hoodie forced his way into the victims' home.

The male victim claimed striking the suspect that came inside his home several times, causing that suspect to drop a handgun on the floor. The victim and suspect continued struggling, the female victim claimed, as she noticed the handgun on the floor and grabbed her own gun from the couch.

The female victim reported stepping onto their porch and firing her gun above the heads of the other two male suspects.

The victims claim the suspects then fled, dropping the magazine to a black hand gun on the front steps, and running south on Oak Street toward 5th Avenue.

The female victim noticed seeing something red being carried by one of the suspects, but noted that they never spoke and only the one wearing the gray hoodie entered their home.

Anyone with information about these suspects or their whereabouts should contact Myrtle Beach Police.

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