Reward offered in search for fraud suspect

From the Surfside Beach Police Department

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC Investigators from the Surfside Beach Police Department announced today that they are seeking assistance from the public as they investigate a series of fraud cases.

SBPD released a still photo and short video segment in an effort to identify an unknown white female who is suspected of multiple fraud cases in several area jurisdictions, including Surfside Beach.

Authorities in Surfside Beach stated that the as yet unidentified female speaks with a distinctive drawl, and hope that releasing a portion of the video evidence will enable a citizen to identify her and report that information to SBPD.

The department is offering a cash reward for information which leads to the suspect's arrest.
"As is often the case," SBPD Chief of Police Mike Frederick said, "we just can't close some investigations without help from our citizens."

Frederick asks that citizens review the photo and video, and contact SBPD if they believe they can help identify the woman. All calls or contacts will remain confidential. Citizens may call the SBPD switchboard at 913-6368, or Investigations at 913-6349.