Weaver addresses controversy with departure on WMBF News this Week

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) "I would have stayed on the job through April if given the choice," said outgoing Horry County Administrator John Weaver in a 30 minute broadcast with Anchor Michael Maely on WMBF News This Week Friday.

"I'll be paid through my contract expiration in April, and while some may have a problem that I'm paid while no longer working, I'd urge them to talk with the Horry County Council about that," Weaver said. Weaver will earn his $80 per hour rate of $167,606 dollars per year, plus unused vacation and sick pay accrued.

Weaver said he did not plan to stay past his contract expiration in April of 2012, and when he told Horry County Council Chairman Tom Rice about that, the council decided to relieve him of his duties, earlier this week. That complete story can be found here.

"Is there any truth to the rumor that your departure is linked to your friendship with Horry County Police Chief Johnny Morgan and that SLED is currently investigating Horry County's Police Department after an anonymous letter suggesting wrong doing within the department," asked Maely.

Weaver denied that his departure involved personal matters.

"Johnny and I have been friends for years and while some on council may have thought he was untouchable, that's not the case," said Weaver, who goes on to say he has no doubt SLED will find no wrongdoing within the Horry County Police Department.

When asked about a private meeting Weaver had with others including Chairman Tom Rice, before Rice announced his candidacy for the S.C. 7th Congressional District, Weaver said there was no surprise there either.

"I wanted to have that meeting to make sure that the timing of his announcement wasn't hurt by the decision on my departure. I leave on good terms with Horry County, and didn't want there to be any confusion about that," said Weaver, who wrapped up his 11 years with Horry County this week. "It's been an honor to serve this county," Weaver said.

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