Consider This: NBA Lockout

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Congrats to Coach Cliff Ellis and the Coastal Carolina basketball team for a big win this week over LSU. There's something special about college basketball, however, when it comes to the NBA, that's another story.

Consider This: Most people don't care about the possible NBA lockout. When the NFL faced the possibility of a lockout there was uproar from the fans. Americans want their football. When it comes to the NBA lockout there's not much noise, more like crickets chirping. You can't blame the fans; it is obvious the players and owners don't care about them.

But for the rest of us there is good news. The holidays are coming and we still have several weeks of football ahead. Bowl games, the national championship game, playoff games and our own NBC has the Super Bowl in February. And then… more college basketball. We'll be just fine without the NBA.

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