Athlete of the Week: Hunter Windham

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - Aynor's Hunter Windham has done a little bit of everything for the Aynor Blue Jackets over the course of his career, racking up over 700 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground this year.

But for the junior nothing was more rewarding than helping aynor win their first playoff game in twenty years last week against Garrett.

"Just the history that we've had and lately we haven't been winning as much, but it means a lot to get that win, especially with Coach J," said Windham.

Before last Friday, the 2011 season has been up and down for the Blue Jackets and Windham.

After starting his season off at wing in head coach Jody Jenerette's triple option offense, Windham was forced to become the team's quarterback after an injury.

"We had our quarterback go down against Marion, so we moved Hunter to quarterback and he's done a good job managing the game, doing the things we've asked.  We'll snap it straight to him sometimes and let him run," said Jenerette.

"It's different because I'm handing the ball off a lot more, but we still get me involved running the ball with wildcat.  I'm still a leader of the team and still a prominent member," said Windham.

Often times in a triple option offense a quarterback may not the glamorous position many people think of, but Windham insists concern isn't stats or recognition, it's making sure the Aynor offense gets on a roll.

"It's really nice to play quarterback when your offensive line is blocking and we're moving them off the ball and the running backs are running, and we're getting four and five yards a gain," said Windham.

While the small town of Aynor can surely celebrate their first postseason win in two decades, for Windham and the rest of the Blue Jackets the celebration was short lived because they're focused on pulling an even bigger upset at Silver bluff on Friday night.

"I think the first playoff win is nice, but I'm not going to lie, it'd be nice to go to Silver Bluff and get this next one too."