MBPD: Man points rifle over parking space

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Myrtle Beach Police say a man pulled out a gun and pointed it at a neighbor after a dispute over a parking space.

According to the police report the neighbors became involved in an argument Tuesday afternoon after one parked in another's assigned spot. It happened at the Quail Marsh Condominiums off Greens Boulevard.

Police say they were called by the tow truck driver who showed up to tow the car improperly parked.

WMBF News spoke with Jeremy Graham, who police call the victim, and he admits he was parked in the wrong spot.

He says his neighbor Allan Dobbs took the situation too far by calling a tow truck and pointing a gun, but Dobbs says Graham charged his door when the tow truck arrived. That's when he says he pulled the gun in self defense.

"He started getting in my face. He went back in the house and came out of the house with a gun. Drew the gun on me and that was that," said Graham.

Graham says there were children watching when the gun was pointed, and that makes things even worse.

Myrtle Beach Police Spokesman Capt. David Knipes, says they don't see incidents like this every day, but it does happen. He says it's best to stay level-headed and call police if things escalate.

Neighbors in the community can't believe things ever got to the point where a gun was presented.

"There are too many things going on in this world. You're going to pull out a gun on somebody over a parking space. That's crazy," said Antoinette Hill.

Neither man faces charges in this incident.

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