Surfside Beach eyes off season resurfacing project

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Big improvements could be on the way for a handful of roads in Surfside Beach, as town officials eye up a resurfacing project they say is long overdue.

Public Works Director John Adair has asked the Horry County Transportation Committee to help fund the project, which he expects to cost around $200,000. The town is asking the committee to fund $175,000 of the project, leaving the town with $25,000 in expenses.

Officials say wear and tear on some of Surfside Beach's roads are causing the existing pavement to deteriorate quickly. Officials have noticed an increase in potholes, cracked pavement and loose gravel on the town's roads in recent years.

Adair says extreme heat in the summer and other weather factors are to blame.

"The binder in the asphalt dries out and that's what holds it all together," he explained. "When the roads start drying out and crumbling, then you have potholes and chipping-off at the edges, and it's not in safe condition anymore."

Adair says before asphalt covered the majority of the town's roads in the late 80s, they were layered with a combination of gravel-like substances, metal bits and broken shells.

While the town has repaired and patched several roads, it hasn't added a second layer of asphalt to them to make them stronger. Adair says right now, about 1 1/2 inches of asphalt separate your car from the dirt.

"The residents have the right to expect the roads to be maintained," he said. "Infrastructure is key and critical to the quality of life - especially around here."

Adair hopes to know immediately whether or not the town will receive the funding. He will know within a week if the project has been ultimately approved, and then the town will move forward with a planning process and notifying residents.

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