Consider This: 501 Gateway

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) During a joint meeting of local elected officials this week the discussion of Highway 501 came up. We all know it can be a nightmare with traffic back-ups, but that wasn't the topic of this conversation. The discussion was about aesthetics, and when it comes to 501 ugly is the word that best describes its appearance.

Consider This: When you travel to other vacation areas you're usually greeted by manicured, planned entrances. Orlando is a great example. Our millions of guests are greeted with overgrown medians, trees that look like they barely survived a hurricane and trash and debris littering the roads. The 501 bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway looks like you're entering the DMZ.

Just as realtors advise homeowners to enhance the curb appeal when trying to sell a house, we need to work on our curb appeal to welcome our millions of guests. First impressions are very important and our visitors get the impression that we don't care about our community.

Thanks to Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes for pushing this effort. Hopefully Horry County leaders will join together to address this issue. It will enhance the appeal of our community for our guests, and it will also create a sense of pride for the rest of us who call this place home.

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