Myrtle Beach special events help businesses

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Even though there are plenty of options for tourists in the Grand Strand, in the off season, there aren't plenty of people. So the area has to find different ways to bring folks to the beach.

The Myrtle Beach events committee works with the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce to help keep the activity going in the grand strand year round.

This is done through area concerts, festivals, special events, and sports tourism events. Events like the mini-marathon are part of the many events that help stir up business in the off season. City officials say the mini-marathon alone brought in the big bucks...around two million dollars to the area.

Special events can affect everything locally- from the traffic, to the hotels, to the restaurants. Restaurant owner Vincent Mezzapella just opened a restaurant in downtown Myrtle Beach, and he says the events help him to get the word out about his place.

"Nothing better than going out and meeting people face to face and handing out your menus," said Mezzapella. "So yeah. It has helped me out I've noticed when I've went out and done it, a good percentage of the people I've talked to personally have come in to get some food. Nothing better than that."

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce works with the city to bring in and manage events. And one of the items on their agenda for the future is allocating more money to develop digital strategies.

More people research travel destinations online, and the chamber is working to meet those needs. Right now the chamber says the Myrtle Beach destination web site has more traffic than the state of South Carolina's destination web site.

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