MOBILE EXCLUSIVE: Useful apps, websites voted must-haves

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Have you ever wondered how people find great websites or cell phone apps? You know, the ones you have to download that day, or the website you now have as your homepage. The WMBF News Web Team has put together a few of their favorites. From making dinner to escaping an awkward date, you're covered with these digital tools.

WMBF News Web Producer Brooke Spivey has discovered one food website you cannot live without - Everyone enjoys a good meal, but not everyone has the time to scour the Internet for a good recipe and hit the grocery store for the ingredients it requires. So when you are starving, pressed for time, and need to make a good meal without the stress, asks you the simple question – "What's in your fridge?"

When Googling the web, you'll find complex recipes full of ingredients you've never heard of and would probably never buy. This website asks you to scroll through a simple checklist of ingredients, and from those ingredients it generates a list of recipes for you to prepare. If you register with the site (which is absolutely free!), it will allow you to save your fridge and pantry contents and come back anytime to look for a recipe including only ingredients you have at home.

If you're in need of one app to rule them all, WMBF News Web Producer Rachel West found iWant. iWant is essentially a compilation of restaurant reviews, movie showtimes, yellow pages and everything else under the sun. What makes iWant so unique is that it holds three pages of options, allowing users access of over 30 categories including clothing, restrooms and banks. Searching for a club during a night out? iWant gives you access to all the nightlife hotspots in your area. West says her favorite thing about the app is having access to nearby landmarks, making iWant your own personal tour guide in a new city. Best part is, it's free, unless you want to upgrade to an ad free service for just 99 cents.

Rather than spending hours going through app stores on your mobile phone or computer, has set up a search engine dedicated to helping folks find apps for all their technological needs. Just type in a few words for the type of app you need, and Quixey searches through apps made for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Facebook and others to help you find the best fit and then connects you to the app.

We've all been there. The meeting we can't stay awake in, the dinner party where you know no one, the awkward conversation with that guy whose name you just can't remember, and you just need to get away. Now, there's an app for that. WMBF Internet Director Jo Smith says the Fake-a-Call app can be a life saver.  Use the app to schedule a fake call, for moments when you may need an escape route, or simply click the "call now" button for an immediate release. The app is absolutely free.

Although game apps usually aren't her thing, Smith says WordSearch Unlimited is a great way to pass the time. Whether you're sitting at the doctor's office or taking a lunch break, this app gives a digital presence to an all time favorite game. The best part – no annoying video game sounds to bother those around you!

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