Palmetto Pointe gas station project begins as neighbors react

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Permits have been issued for the Grab-N-Go, Grocery-N-Gas project so construction is beginning off of Palmetto Pointe Boulevard. Neighbors around the community have mixed reactions to the project.

Michelle Ambrose has lived off of Palmetto Pointe Boulevard for three years, and she says the almost two million dollar project that is being built across the street is not a welcome site. Ambrose says, "Where stores or businesses are…it draws crime, and just last week there was just a shooting down there in the Ivystone apartments."

Ambrose adds, "It was a quiet neighborhood and it is not longer, starting with that noise." And some say it could cause traffic concerns.  Homeowner James Vigilante says, "With the extra traffic right there near the curb where I've seen accidents, I don't think added traffic is good for the community."

But the architect for the project, Pegram Associates says the developer has already planned ahead. Jim Hubbard with Pegram Associates says, "Installing turn lanes, acceleration, deceleration lanes-that will help the whole development back in that area eventually but because it's the first place going in, it makes sense to get the infrastructure in place now."

Hubbard says the local developer is building the project to benefit the community. Hubbard says the finished project could include a gas station with a mini grocery store along with a beer cave and space for other potential retail stores.

Hubbard says, "A group of local investors with the bank and that combo of private development and bank financing is nice to see right now." And some neighbors in the area say the gas station will be a welcome relief. Alix Hursey says, "I'm walking on the street looking for a gas station and the closest one around here my cousin said is about a mile from here."

A long walk for Alix Hursey who moved to the Grand Strand recently, and he is hopeful to cash in on the developer's offer to accept employees applications from those in the immediate community. Hursey adds, "That would be good cause I would jump on it in a heartbeat because I've been looking for a job and I need it."

Progress is being made at the construction site as crews get the soil ready for the building. The developer says major construction will start in a couple weeks with a finished project hopefully in March or April of 2012.

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