Consider This: PSA Tests

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) PSA tests play a major role in prostate cancer screening. However, a recent study recommends that men no longer receive the PSA blood test saying it doesn't save men's lives.

Consider This:

The American Urological Association recommends that men get a PSA test once they reach the age of 40 and most urologists disagree with the recent findings. Zero, a group working to end prostate cancer, has launched a campaign to help save the PSA test. You might be familiar with Zero since it brings its mobile testing centers to our area each year to make it easy for men to receive prostate screening.

There's not doubt that PSA tests have helped to save lives, but with anything, it is also important that the information is managed appropriately. Finding a new, more accurate prostate cancer test is a priority. Until that new test is developed the PSA test is the best option and we encourage the US Preventive Services Task Force to reverse its decision.

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