Neighbors on edge after string of car break-ins

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Neighbors who live off of Gardner Lacy Road say a string of car break-ins is hitting too close to home, and they are taking action to stop it.

Resident Tom Swank said break-ins are on the rise, especially along Wildflower Trail and Southern Trail Roads.

Swank said, "Knowing your property has been tampered with and gotten into, it's an icky feeling." Swank added, "Unfortunately we've been living here for three years, and we've been attacked, items stolen from two of our cars three times."

Hilda Crump said it leaves her feeling vulnerable. Crump said, "You feel so awful it's like, my gosh, will they come in the house."

Horry County Police say that is a real concern especially when people leave their car doors unlocked. Sgt. Robert Kegler with Horry County Police said, "If they break in, and use your garage door opener, at the very minimum they can have access to items in your garage and maybe inside your home."

Police say you can decrease your chances of being a victim by taking your valuables out of your car and keeping track of the serial numbers on those items.

Kegler added, "Write it down so if you should become a victim of theft it's easier to recover property if we can prove it's yours." Police say it is important that you file a report any time you notice something has been taken.

Kegler said, "We catch people in progress. When we're out patrolling the neighborhoods at 4:30 a.m. we'll catch them and the next thing you know we've solved 6 car break-ins that just occurred and the victims don't know yet."

Neighbors said they are stepping up neighborhood watch efforts and are asking for more law enforcement to patrol the area.

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