Residents concerned about stray dogs in Marion

Bite marks left on Blake's car after the attack.
Bite marks left on Blake's car after the attack.
The pieces of metal chewed off of Blake's car after the attack.
The pieces of metal chewed off of Blake's car after the attack.

MARION, SC (WMBF) - Man's best friend is not being so friendly in the city of Marion right now. Residents are growing increasingly concerned after a woman says two dogs attacked her car, biting pieces of it right off.

Many people living in Marion say they were shocked after seeing the kind of damage two dogs can do to a car. Now they're afraid of the kind of damage these dogs could do to a person if they're not caught soon.

"I came and saw the motion lights and grabbed my mom's cane," said Karen Blake, owner of the damaged car.

Blake woke up around 3 a.m. a few weeks ago when her dog was barking at something outside, and when Blake looked out the door, she says she saw two dogs gnawing at her car.

She says she grabbed her mom's cane and banged it on the ground to try to get them to go away.

"They were large brown dogs, with white fur on their collar and tail," said Blake.

She said the dogs eventually ran away, but she couldn't believe the damage they left behind.

According to Blake, the dogs chewed off pieces of her car, leaving bite marks and scratches.

Blake said she's never seen anything like this before and contacted the Marion Police Department and Animal Control.

She says she's not to worried about the damage to her car, but the fact that the mutts are still out there does concern her.

"The car doesn't matter to me, it's the people in the community. The car, you can replace the pieces, but the idea that if a dog can attack a car and do this much damage, I'm fearful what it can do to the human," said Blake.

Blake lives with her mother, which is only a few feet away from Johnakin Middle School.

She said after the incident, the children were the first thing that came to mind.

"With bus stops being in he neighborhood and young people walking back and forth, not aware of their surroundings, I just want them to be safe," said Blake.

Now she wants to get the word out to neighbors about the aggressive dogs.

People in Marion say stray dogs are common in the area and are fearful of an attack.

"I just saw one last night, I don't know if it was a Bulldog or German Sheppard, I was scared and ran in the house and I called 911," said Marion resident Mack Hemingway.

The owner of the Marion County Animal Shelter says she accepts all dogs, captured by animal control, even ones aggressive in nature.

She says they have received dozens in the past few weeks, but none matching Blake's description.

Blake has recently seen one of the dogs from the attack and wants the neighbors to watch out.

"I'm worried for the kids across the street, for my mom, and everybody in the community, I just want them to be aware of what's loose in the neighborhood," said Blake.

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