Rogue fire hose takes out elderly man

REVERE, MA (NBC) An elderly pedestrian was taken to the hospital after a hose flew off the side of a fire truck, knocking him to the ground.

Authorities say the victim was standing on a street corner in Revere, Massachusetts waiting for a ride as the fire truck was making a turn.

The truck cut the corner, whipping the fire hose around and bringing the man to the ground.

A family member said the victim was sent to the ICU with broken bones and a concussion.

The Revere fire truck, Engine Four, was seen on surveillance tape dragging its 200-foot long fire hose down the street.

Authorities say the crew on board had no idea what had happened.

"He was moaning. He was hurt," said witness Arthur Pantano.

Pantano said it took people a minute to figure out what had happened.

"The engine was to the right, he was on the ground. And there was a hose," said Pantano.

Fire Chief Gene Doherty said when he heard the incident on the radio, he went to the scene.

"It wasn't transmitted what had occurred, I just knew the inflection of the voices of the officers calling for additional help that something was drastically wrong," he said.

Chief Doherty said someone had flagged Engine Four down, and when the crew got out they were stunned to see what had happened.

"It was a terrible thing. It was terrible seeing that gentleman lying on the ground as the guys were working on him."

Why the hose came loose is anyone's guess.

The Chief said it appeared the hose had been loaded properly.

"It's just freaky. No one meant to do it. No one really meant to do it. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time," said Pantano.

The man was still in the hospital Friday morning but was expected to be okay.

The Fire Chief says he has ordered some specialized netting to go over that hose to ensure when that tuck is on the road that this does not happen again.

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