Vicious liquor store attack caught on camera

WESTFORD, MA (NBC) Massachusetts police are searching for a suspect following a vicious beating that was caught on camera.

The suspect punched, hit, and knocked the owner of Littleton Road Liquors in Westford during a robbery attempt.

She fought back and only escaped with minor injuries.

The Keophilal family has owned the liquor store for ten years.

It was the first time they had been robbed.

At one point the suspect knocked over the cash registers and continued to fight with the woman.

She tried to restrain him but he was able to get behind the counter and escape with an undetermined amount of cash.

The suspect fled the store, and then the woman's son who was in the back room came out and tried to chase after the suspect but was unable to apprehend him.

"The guy's a coward that's all I can say. How could you do that to a defenseless woman," said Timmy Keophilal, the victim's son.

"He came around here and just sucker punched her and threw her against the wall. My mom's tough so she kind of wrestled him back over here but he got her on the ground and punched her in the back of the head," Keophilal said.

Police don't know if there was a getaway car, or if the suspect took off on foot, but they are asking the public to help catch him.

"Not suspecting anything, he viciously attacked her. She's just a store clerk trying to make money," said Captain Victor Neal of the Westford Police Department. "We're hoping that someone can ID him, and also the female we have in the video, she was in the store about two minutes before he was and we're hoping she might have seen something that might help us out with identifying him. If we can get her to come forward or somebody can identify her and maybe help us out and try to piece this thing together."

The victim is recovering at home and only has some cuts and bruises.

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