Woman tackles man who tried to rob Vet

OCALA, FL (NBC) An Ocala, Florida mother wrestled and held a robbery suspect who was trying to flee from police Monday evening.

It with Warren Kinsella, 55, who was withdrawing money from an automated teller machine near Ocala.

Investigators with the Marion County Sheriff's Office said John Meekin, 25, approached Kinsella on his bike, drew a gun and demanded money.

"I said no," Kinsella said. "I've got to pay bills with my money."

Kinsella retired from the Army and was a former military policeman.

He said he shoved the bike out of the way and fled before following Meekin in his truck.

Kinsella said the gunman even shot at him, but missed.

"He's heading south, and he's firing north, and he's trying to keep his balance so the gun is going every which way but loose," Kinsella said.

Kim Weaver, 45, lives nearby, heard a helicopter and saw the commotion.

Weaver said Meekin made his entrance from a side street spotted her, then offered to give her $100 if she would provide him an alibi.

Weaver said she grabbed him instead, and he fell.

"I just grabbed his arm and put my leg around his leg and that made him fall to the ground," Weaver said.

Weaver's son and his friends pounced on Meekin and held him until deputies arrived and made the

Authorities said they appreciated the vigilance of everyone involved in the case, but they still prefer that people call the professionals.

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