Liberty Mutual gives residents a chance to earn $10K for Hartsville FD

From the City of Hartsville

HARTSVILLE, SC Liberty Mutual, the global insurer, is partnering with local fire departments and firefighters to help families live safer with its Be Fire Smart Fire Safety Pledge Program.

With $100,000 in grants each fall, the pledge program provides a community with a chance to give back to the brave men and women of their local fire department.

Liberty Mutual offers ten $10,000 awards to fire departments where community members demonstrate their commitment to fire safety.

Through October 31, residents can visit and take the short "Burning Questions" quiz, 10 true/false questions about where fires most often start and how to prevent and extinguish them.

Participants who complete the quiz by correctly answering the ten questions can pledge that they are "fire smart," earning a credit for their local fire department. The ten departments across three population categories—small (less than 10,000 residents), medium (between 10,000 and 100,000 residents) and large (greater than 100,000 residents)—with the most completed quiz credits will each earn a $10,000 grant from Liberty Mutual.

Last year, more than 78,000 Americans pledged their commitment to fire safety on behalf of 3,100 fire departments, allowing 10 winning communities to expand the resources of their firefighters, training and public education.

In the past two years, Liberty Mutual's Be Fire Smart Fire Safety Pledge Program has provided $200,000 to fire departments toward such needs as juvenile fire intervention, thermal imaging cameras, smoke alarms, firefighter protective clothing, and community fire awareness and prevention programs.