Gov. Nikki Haley releases legislative report card

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) Governor Nikki Haley has released her 2011 legislative report card for the South Carolina General Assembly.

The governor's grades are based on how well she thinks each lawmaker handled her legislative priorities. Overall, Haley graded the House higher than the Senate with the Senate supporting three pieces of legislation and the House supporting seven.

Meanwhile, members of the State Senate Democratic caucus just released their own report card grading the Republican governor.

Democrats gave Haley an "F" in the areas of jobs, honesty, government reform and transparency. And when it comes to hypocrisy and pay-to-play politics, they say she deserves an "A+."

Many democrats say she spends too much money and isn't creating enough jobs. And for that "A+," they say Haley has rewarded campaign contributors with government jobs and seats on boards and commissions.

Meanwhile, the governor is kicking off a series of town hall meetings Monday night in Rock Hill.

While on her tour around the state, she'll unveil her plans for next session. This year's priorities included more recorded votes and a new cabinet-level agency to oversee much of the state's bureaucracy and spending caps.

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