North Myrtle Beach intersection construction delayed, to begin Oct 10

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Construction will be underway soon along Sixth Avenue South and Highway 17. It's part of North Myrtle Beach's plan to improve congested intersections.

Originally scheduled to begin on Monday, Oct 3, construction improvements has been moved back until Monday, Oct 10 due to contractor delays.

Right now there is no defined way to turn left. Cars are having to go halfway into the highway just to be able to be given the opportunity to turn that direction. The city says there are times when drivers try to go out into the intersection just to beat the traffic, and then end up in an accident. The city is trying to fix all of the congested areas, with dual left turn lanes, and will eventually be doing this to major intersections throughout the city.

There will be lane closures during this project that may cause a delay for you, but there will be workers to direct traffic. This construction will help North Myrtle Beach residents and tourists to be able to move through traffic safely.

"When you're turning left it's a little difficult," said one Myrtle Beach tourist. "Because the lines are not marked so that you know to correctly turn left. So you're second guessing yourself saying, 'Am I doing this correctly?'"

This project is really a group effort, with DOT, Santee Cooper, and the City of North Myrtle Beach. DOT will spend more than half a million dollars to put in dual left turn lanes and traffic signal masts, which are more stable in hurricanes and other storms.

There are also several power lines at the intersection, and Santee Cooper will take all the lines down to help with the visibility of traffic lights. This is part of the conversion to move all overhead power lines underground. The City of North Myrtle Beach will spend part of their fiscal year budget to do water line work to improve storm water collection.

This is a long-term construction project, and will be going through March 31. And there will be a short time when Sixth Avenue South will be closed. The city hopes that this short term inconvenience will make the area safer for years to come.

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