Consider This: Republican Primary

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Over the next few days we'll learn more about the timeline of the Republican Presidential primary elections. Preliminary reports say Florida leaders are looking to late January for voters to cast their ballots. And thanks to Florida's desire to hold its election on that date, the four approved early voting states, including South Carolina, have to hold elections earlier.

Consider This:

Jamming these elections into a shorter window is not good for the democratic process. It doesn't give voters enough time to fully vet the qualifications of the candidates. And, it will most likely result in the field being narrowed much quicker than normal.

If you look at past elections, some candidates who were leading early in the campaign eventually dropped out of the race. The candidate preference changed over months of campaigning as voters gathered more knowledge about their platforms and learned more about their voting record.

Now it looks like the fact finding window will shrink from months to weeks. Thanks, Florida, for mucking up the process.