Women caught on surveillance stuffing pills down underwear

DENTON, TX (NBC) Police in Denton, Texas are trying to identify three women who stole nearly $4,000 worth of diet pills by stuffing them into their undergarments.

Investigators said the women hid some of the drugs in their large handbags, but many of the pills were placed in their unflattering unmentionables.

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Surveillance video from one of the thefts shows the women plainly lifting their dresses around their waists and tucking the goods inside their girdles.

"It's a pretty clear picture where, hopefully, they can recognize the dresses and say, 'Oh, yes, that's Aunt Sally's dress,'" said Denton police spokesman Officer Ryan Grelle.

Investigators said the women stole $2,000 worth of items on August 30 and $1,400 worth of items on Monday.

Police said they think the women are likely selling the pills on the black market.

They said the trio also may have stolen from a CVS in McKinney, but no police report was filed in that case.

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