Second suspect charged in Florence teen's murder

Jamaad Thomas (Source: Florence County Detention Center)
Jamaad Thomas (Source: Florence County Detention Center)
Mildenzel Malcolm Davis (Source: Florence County Detention Center)
Mildenzel Malcolm Davis (Source: Florence County Detention Center)

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) The Florence Police Department has now arrested two people in connection to the shooting death of a teen on Sept. 18.

Major Carlos Raines, spokesman for the Florence Police Department, said officers arrested Jamaad Dreqwan Thomas, 18, of Florence in connection to the murder Tuesday.

Wednesday, officers arrested Mildenzel Malcolm Davis, 20, of Florence after learning he was already in custody at the Florence County Detention Center on unrelated charges.

A teen victim was found dead around 10 p.m. with a gunshot wound to his head. He was shot and killed on the porch of his uncle's home on Ingram Street.

Florence County Coroner Bubba Matthews identified the victim as Jessie R. Brower, Jr., 18, of Florence.

People in the Florence community say they've noticed an increase in gun violence and crime.

"We're saddened about this being in our town in Florence, South Carolina. This wasn't years ago, but this is now and it should stop," said Albert Epps Jr. of Florence.

Chief Anson Shells of the Florence Police Department said the area was already under close watch by patrol units because of the numerous drug complaints they receive.

He said while this case is under investigation there will be an increase in patrol units in the area to help prevent any follow-up shootings.

"Too many young kids getting hurt out here, getting killed over bull-mess and all, they need to get all that mess out of here," said Barbara Simpson, Brower's cousin.

Epps believes people involved with this type of violence don't think about the repercussions.

"They're definitely not thinking about what they're getting involved in and what they're doing and the biggest thing is a lot of them don't believe they will be caught," said Epps.

He believes the one responsible for Brower's death will get caught but family members say that still won't do justice, because they've lost someone they can never get back.

"I know the family is hurt, that's wrong, whoever did that, that's wrong," said Simpson.

Both Thomas and Davis have been charged with murder, however, Raines said additional charges are possible.

Raines added that additional arrests in connection to the murder of Brower are expected as well.

Further details surrounding the shooting are unknown at this time. WMBF News will provide those details as they become available.

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