Consider This: Barefoot Swing Bridge

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) I have no idea who came up with the saying 'Hindsight is 20-20', but that phrase certainly speaks the truth. And it definitely applies when considering the decision to install a metal swing bridge as the entrance to the Barefoot Resort area.

Consider This: Looking back to when the restored swing bridge was installed it seemed like an appealing, nostalgic idea. Knowing what we know today, with ongoing maintenance issues, it probably would have been a much better decision to build a stationary span bridge instead.

Now the bridge will be closed for repairs for weeks. People will be inconvenienced and North Myrtle Beach officials are reconsidering the original decision. Replacing the swing bridge will take years and cost millions of dollars. Plus, it would most likely result in the creation of a special tax district for Barefoot residents.

For now it looks like it's a fresh coat of paint for the bridge and a detour to Water Tower road for the Barefoot residents. If only we had a crystal ball to give us that 20-20 view before we make these stupid, costly decisions.

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