Trees a concern in tropical storms

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Trees are always a main concern when it comes to tropical weather, especially with strong winds.

A local tree service company says normally around this time they receive 8 to 10 calls a day, but with Hurricane Irene, they've been receiving 50 to 60 calls.

People are calling asking to get their old trees and branches taken down. But you don't only want to look for dead trees around your home, but also find trees that are bigger up top. That's because like a sail on a boat, it gives the wind more to push on. Thinning out the tree would help prevent it from falling.

Rain and soil also play a major part. Heavy rain can loosen up the soil, which makes the tree easier to uproot. The combination of rain and wind could mean trouble for this weekend. "If we get a lot of rain and wind we may have a lot of uproots," said John McCarthy from Acadia Tree Service. "Probably a lot of limbs falling down on houses and stuff like that."

It may be too late to deal with your trees this time around, but make sure to pay attention to any trees or limbs that are hanging low or above your home, especially as the 2011 hurricane season continues.

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