Horry County Schools review crisis management plan

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- Every year teachers go through crisis management training to make sure they are ready for all kinds of emergency situations, like hurricanes, earthquakes and shootings.

James Bradley is the executive director of student affairs in the Horry County school district.

He said it's a must that students and teachers know exactly what to do in emergency situations.

Bradley said, "so the more you drill the more you are able to respond to a critical incident because you don't have time to look for the crisis management manual to tell people how to evacuate."

Every year teachers go through the crisis management training, then conduct a number of drills with students to keep everyone on their toes.

"Some of the drills are drills like code red for an active shooter or suspicious device for just a regular lock down," explained Bradley.

That training was put into action at Socastee High School when Christian Helms shot at a school resource officer.

In 2009, a Carolina Forest High School resource officer shot and killed 16-year-old Trevor Varinecz after the student attacked him with a knife.

Ramona Davis' son was down the hall from where the attack happened and said her son heard everything leading up to the violence.

She understands the school has increased security  by using metal detectors everyday and putting crisis management plans in place, but she thinks more needs to be done.

Davis said, "Even at my son's school Carolina Forest High I've seen them when they go there they have the metal detector and they search them up and down.  I think they should go into an in depth search, searching their book bags taking everything out doing a full body search to be safe."

Bradley commented that the crisis plans are solid and they are now using monitor scans for licenses when it comes to security.

The school is also checking students at football games and keeping a close eye on Hurricane Irene.

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