School year begins with minor adjustments

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Almost every student in Horry County, no matter the age, went back to school on Monday. Horry County Public Schools, Coastal Carolina University and Horry Georgetown Technical College all started classes.

It was a pretty normal day at Myrtle Beach Primary School, but that does not mean there was not a lot to do. Principal June Moorhead said late registrations can change how many teachers are assigned to each school, and those students have to be quickly placed into a class.

"We had 20 to 30 people who did not register who came in this morning to register," Moorhead said. "So while we're trying to get school started for everybody else we're still accepting new children."

Just because a student is registered does not mean things will go off without a hitch, though. Some students have moved recently, and that means more revisions.

"It's really important that we get everyone on the right bus, getting off at the right stop," Moorhead said. "So we'll do as many as a hundred or more changes today."

At Horry Georgetown Tech the first day of classes meant lots of adjustments to schedules, and many students waiting on financial aid updates.

"We have more students who act a little later than students may at a typical four-year institution," said Vice President of Student Affairs Greg Thompson. "So they're in here at the last minute trying to rush and get things done and accomplished, and we're trying to support them the best that we can."

Students are also getting use to an expanded parking lot across the street because construction took away some space this year.

Parking is always a headache for the first few days of class at Coastal Carolina, and this year is no exception.

"Everybody's still trying to get to get to school on time, and usually students are running late," commented Sophomore Jaclyn Nobles.

Nobles said there is a new lot on the campus too, and that is helping. She said registration and book buying has been problem-free.

Back at Myrtle Beach Primary, Moorhead said to expect more modifications in the coming days until everything is just right.

"There are always changes we make," she said.

Horry County Schools expects about 700 new students this year, but the district will wait about five to ten days for that number to settle, before making any big adjustments such as staffing.

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