Investigators watch for out-of-state tags on first day of school

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Today field investigators were checking tags at North Myrtle Beach Elementary School as well as Carolina Forest Elementary School.

Since 1994, the Horry County Auditor's office has been checking tags on the first day of school. This has brought in 2 million dollars to the county.

Most of the money from the program goes to Horry County schools. South Carolina laws state that where you register your child has to be your permanent residence.

Horry county Auditor Lois Eargle says they're just there to make sure everyone abides by the law. "If you are riding around without state tax, and you live in our area, and you're getting our tax breaks, you're going to our schools, and if you need law enforcement you call the police or fire protection, and then you're not registering your car then you're robbing from the county. And the schools." said Eargle.

Last year the office took in 163,000 dollars. 13 percent of that came from checking tags at schools. This year, the office has fined around 420 people for their out-of-state tags, totaling about 42,000 dollars.

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