Businesses and shoppers get ready for tax free holiday weekend


During tax free weekend, there are longer lines in stores and busier parking lots. Businesses have been gearing up for the big day with several extending their hours and bringing in all of their employees. Businesses are offering other incentives like coupons and door busters.

Sams' Club is opening the door to everyone so nonmembers can get their back to school shopping done without paying for membership. Stores have stocked up their inventory specifically for this weekend because they know the high demand out there. One of the most popular back to school items is the composition notebook which is a requirement of several schools in our area.

When items are scanned at the store, most stores have a system that automatically takes off the tax. Stores say the economy plays a part in how much people buy. Assistant Manager of JCPenney, Ternisia Hunt says, "They're buying a couple things. It's really based on the sales, the incentives offered. They are coming in for door busters, coupons with the tax free. When we offer the sales to save the money, that's when they're here to buy."

JC Penney says this is the 2nd largest sales weekend of the year for them. This is the 12th year South Carolina has had a tax free weekend, and some states do not offer this money saving incentive.

Clothing, clothing accessories, school supplies, shoes, computers, printers, blankets, bedspreads and linens, bath cloths, bath towels, bath rugs and mats, shower curtains, pillows and pillow cases are all included in the tax free category. Items excluded include jewelry, cosmetics, eyewear, wallets, watches, rental of clothing or shoes, furniture or items for use in a business or items placed on layaway.

Several people said they were not aware of tax weekend but they would get in on the great deals. Others said they did not want to fight the crowd so they were shopping head of time. They said saving money was not worth the headache.

Myrtle Beach resident Tara Hamilton says, "We decided to come early because we were worried that some of the things were missing. We've been to a couple other stores and were not able to get some of the notebooks and things because they were out so we came this morning before the weekend trying to make sure we could get everything." The tax free holiday will end this Sunday at midnight.

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