Consider This: Freestyle Music Park

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Freestyle Music Park may be reincarnated once again with screams of thrill seekers speeding around the Led Zeppelin, or Time Machine or whatever the new name will be of the impressive roller coaster that anchors the park.

Consider This: If the park has any hope of succeeding then the pricing and marketing has to be revised. Hopefully whoever takes over management of the facility will look at the past efforts and do something completely opposite.

The current condition of the park with rusting rides and weed infested parking create a blighted piece of property along the George Bishop Parkway. Having the park up and running and attracting traffic to the area would be a beneficial for businesses and residents.

In the past we've offered best wishes to Hard Rock Park operators and Freestyle Music Park management and we'll do the same to the new management team. We want the park to succeed. Let's hope these owners do their homework and get the formula right this time around.  Perhaps the third time is the charm.

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