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Debt ceiling debate makes it to local level

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Representatives from the liberal-leaning organization were planning a demonstration Tuesday at the Myrtle Beach office of Congressman Tim Scott. The intent was to let Scott know they do not like his stance on how to raise the national debt ceiling.

No one representing the organization showed up though. However, Tea Party members and other conservatives did.

"We wanted to show them what democracy is all about," commented John Bonsignor.

They gathered, held their signs, and prepared to be a counter-protest to a protest that never happened.

"Unfortunately we're here to meet our opposition, but they're not here at the moment," Bonsignor said.

The conservatives thought they would be the other side of a demonstration mentioned by Georgetown political blogger Jamie Sanderson in recent posts. He wrote on his blog about his opposition to Scott.

"Crashing the American economy in order to protect tax giveaways for the rich is unacceptable," he posted.

To help spread the word about the demonstration he teamed up with

"They probably came by, saw a couple of cars that came by here and saw the crowd that was here and said oh boy, we only have a couple people here, let's not even do what we intended to do," Bonsignor said.

That did not stop the conservatives from sending their message to Scott too.

"I wanted Tim Scott to be sure that they didn't spend another dime in Washington," explained Joann Wiegand.

Even with his wheelchair, Bob Davies showed up too.

"I figured I better put my money where my mouth is," Davies said.

The demonstrators said they came out not to silence the other side, but to be sure more than one viewpoint was represented.

"If they don't know how we feel it's our fault," Wiegand said.

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