Florence City PD receives complaints, issuing $500 fines at yard sales

FLORENCE, SC(WMBF) - After receiving complaints, Florence city pd are starting random yard sale checks today, issuing $500 fines to anyone not following the three-decade old ordinance.

Dean Wagner held a yard sale Saturday and when asked about the Florence city ordinance he was not aware there was any.

"I think the city should put out a publication, maybe a notice or flyer telling people how to get a permit... Make it easier, maybe an online permit... you can pay your water bill online so why not get a permit online," said Wagner.

Inspector Heidler of the Florence Police Department said that there have been an overwhelming number of complaints in the past few weeks and that's why they're cracking down. Florence PD is sending units who will randomly check to make sure Florence residents are following the law.

The 'Garage and Rummage Sale Ordinance' Section 13-60 through 13-69 states that it is "unlawful to conduct a garage sale without first obtaining a license therefor from the license inspector and pay a fee of five dollars ($5.00)." It also says that each person may only have one garage sale a year between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Inspector Heidler told WMBF that the ordinance was passed to avoid heavy traffic in residential areas and helps them keep an eye out for illegal business activity in homes.

Some residents think that this ordinance is to strict.

"I think that people should be able to sell their own belongings where and when they want to and especially in their own front yard and there should be no limits to that at all," said Alex Barber.

Starting today, Florence City PD will be randomly checking up on local yard sales and issuing fines for those who don't follow the rules. One citation costs nearly $500 and are non-progressive meaning there are no warnings. Each account means money out of pocket.

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