Athlete of the Week: Hart Zwing

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - At first glance, Hart Zwing may not stand out on the soccer field, but it won't take long to see he's truly a special talent.

"I'm really vocal and I'm a good leader.  Another thing is I'm really quick with little moves, little crafty in the middle," said Zwing.

The honors over Hart's four years at Myrtle Beach High School piled up.  All-state, All-Region and he recently represented South Carolina in the Clash of the Carolinas All-Star Game.  With the awards, came the attention of colleges throughout the southeast.

"One program got interested and then right after that, five or six just came right after them, so once you're on the list, you're on the list of a bunch of schools," said Zwing.

In the end it was Furman University that won the battle for Hart's services in the fall.

"They're really good academically and also athletically.  They've got a good soccer program there and also a degree from Furman is hard to beat," said the future Paladin.

Although his hard work in high school has began to pay off.

"It's really interesting when your friends and family come up to tell you what a great job, and you see that all your hard work has paid off in the end."

Hart understands the best has yet to come.

"I've got four years and hopefully a Major League Soccer team or someone down the road becomes interested then that's an option.  If not then a degree from Furman will get you somewhere in life," said Zwing.

Hart will continue training this summer before leaving for Furman in just a few weeks.