Consider This: State Redistricting Fiasco

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) You can certainly count on state leaders to mess things up when they are focused on self-serving legislation rather than what is best for the entire state.

Consider This: State House Legislators passed a common sense redistricting plan that created a 7th District in the Northeast corner of the state. It appeared South Carolina Senators would follow a similar plan. However, a last minute derailment effort by Low Country Republicans and Senate Democrats succeeded and a convoluted map was chosen as the Senate version of the redistricting plan.

Rather than creating the 7th District in the most logical, high growth area – Horry County and the Pee Dee – the Senate version, a gerrymandered piece of junk, passed because personal gain is more important than serving the greater good.

So what are our options? We must now wait to see if House leader, Bobby Harrell, and Senate leader, Glenn F. McConnell, can reach a compromise that will pass both chambers. If that doesn't happen then the courts will ultimately decide the shape of the new districts. And that would be the worst option of all.

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