Consider This: Civility

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) A couple of weeks ago when standing in the checkout line at a local retail business, my wife, our 11-year-old daughter and her friend, encountered a customer standing behind them speaking on her cell phone spewing profanity. Not just your average garden variety cuss words, but words that position your mother in a very unflattering way, if you know what I mean, among many others that repeated here would cost us our FCC license.

Consider This: When my wife asked the young lady if she would not use that language around our child, the girl became offended and told her that if she had a problem with her language then she should move. So, when does freedom of speech end and obscenity begin? And what has happened to basic respect for other people?

Poll results released last week show that Americans feel we are becoming more uncivil: Leading the charge… Politicians. I was raised with a different set of standards than the young lady who felt it was okay to use words around young children that would make a sailor blush. Unfortunately, this lack of civility may be the sad reality of where our country is headed.

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