NMB: Water towers will come down, cell phone poles could replace

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH (WMBF) - If you live in Crescent Beach or Windy Hill in North Myrtle Beach, you could soon see some construction if the City decides to go ahead with demolishing two old water towers.

We're told the demolition of the towers, located at 1807 Edge Drive or 708 41st Avenue, will happen as early as August. And in it's place, the City is looking to lease the land to company who would then build service towers and lease it to cell phone providers.

If this deal goes through, the City is expecting a revenue of roughly $40,000 dollars a year (for both locations) and that money would go into the City's Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund.

Right now, the water towers in Windy Hill and Crescent Beach are still providing water to nearby residents, but the new 500,000 gallon tower at the end of 28th Avenue will replace them in July, making them obsolete.

The proposed monopoles would be roughly 150 feet high and many people in the area say they're ok with the changes. "There are worse things that we see around here beside the water tower or a phone tower, but I think overall it's a good thing for the City," says Crescent Beach resident Jeff Walters.

City leaders will take this up for the second reading on June 20th.