Consider This: NAACP Lawsuit

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The NAACP has filed suit against two area businesses for discrimination, but the lawsuits create a lot of questions.

Consider This: In the Pan American Pancake House suit, was the restaurant getting ready to close, was the facility full with no additional seats, were the patrons unruly? More importantly, does this restaurant have a track record of refusing service to African Americans throughout the year? Our interviews with customers would indicate… no, they don't.

In regards to a business closing, that's another subject altogether. Unless the rules have changed, it is my understanding that we live in a capitalist country where businesses can open and close as they please. If Molly Darcy's chose to close Memorial Day weekend, rejecting the business associated with the large crowds, isn't that their right?

By the way, isn't the NAACP supposedly boycotting all events in South Carolina? If that's their stance, shouldn't the NAACP encourage the Atlantic Beach Bikefest to shut down? Interesting how the NAACP boycotted the ACC baseball tournament, which would have been held last month in Myrtle Beach, but Black Bike Week is okay. Something about this doesn't pass the smell test.

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