Pat Boone Theater to open in August

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Pat Boone Family Theater is gearing up to open its doors in August.

Officials with the theater held a special meeting Thursday to make the announcement.

Pat Boone will perform at the theater two weeks out of the year, and will be in Myrtle Beach for the grand opening.

While the theater could have opened in any area, the owners said they chose Myrtle Beach because of the opportunity for future growth.

CEO of Liquid Metal Productions, Glenn Milligan, admits there is a lot of work to be done on the old Nascar Grille building, but he's looking forward to the transformation.

"We want them to see the dramatic change that's going to take place and how the building transforms over the next few months," said Milligan. "We believe in making this corner vibrant and lit up again. It's a shame, you come by here at night, and it's dark, but just wait, it's going to be spectacular."

Over 150 artists have committed to perform at the 600 seat theater. One performer Morgan Strebler said his magic show will be called "Inside Your Mind."

Tickets will range from about $25 to $35 for adults.

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