Natural gas safety during a hurricane

WMBF Storm Team- Even though natural gas lines are buried underground, high winds and flooding can cause them to rupture. There are precautions you can take to help prevent damage to your property should a hurricane strike.

First, you DO NOT want to turn off the main natural gas line to your home. This is especially important in low-lying area or those susceptible to storm surge. Keeping the main line turned on prevents pressure loss which could lead to flooding in the gas lines.

Donnie Watford, Coastal District Manager at SCE&G, recommends that you turn off the gas at each appliance before the storm. He also says that you should become familiar with the equipment now and not wait until there is already a storm approaching.

If you smell gas or believe there might be a leak, leave the area and call your gas company immediately. Also, if you smell gas, do not do anything that may cause a spark ( turn on lights, smoke, use your cell phone).

If you are not sure how to turn the gas on or off at each appliance, be sure to call a qualified technician.

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