Electricity safety during a hurricane

WMBF Storm Team- In the event of a hurricane, electricity can be out anywhere from a few hours to even a few weeks in the most extreme cases. Should this happen, being prepared can go a long way.

Local power companies are prepared should there be widespread power outages. They are able to call in extra crews from states not affected by storms to help out. Dispatchers and power crews use everyday smaller-scale events such as thunderstorms and car accidents as practice for much larger events such as a hurricanes.

Power safety is also very important before, during, and after a storm. Before a storm, you may switch off the main breaker in your fuse box. This will help prevent power surges and flickering from damaging electronics.

Downed power line can be very dangerous and may be numerous during a storm. Nicole Aiello, Public relations specialist at Santee Cooper, says that keeping people away from downed power lines is a top priority. She says that even if you are told its not live or you think it isn't, you always have to assume that it is.

If you do come across a downed power line or experience a power outage, give your power company call. Its also strongly recommenced that you keep you power company's phone number in your emergency supply kit.

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