Fighting hunger after the storm

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - In the days following a hurricane or natural disaster, having enough to eat is a crucial but often difficult task. Whether it's the loss of power that leads to the food in your kitchen spoiling, or devastation that leaves you on your own for days, being prepared is the key to avoiding hunger.

By now we should all be getting our hurricane preparedness kits together You need to make sure you pack enough food for three days per person, but what items are best?

"If you're putting your hurricane kit together, try to put things in there that do not need cooking," Karen Anderson with the American Red Cross said. "Make sure if you have cans, put a can opener. We've had may times where people forgot the can opener couldn't open their cans. dry foods, cereals, power bars. something you can eat without heating up."

Anderson also suggests MREs or meals ready to eat.  You can pick those up at most camping and sporting goods stores.

Anderson says that if you have food in your freezer that you want to save. Wrap it in a blanket, shut the door and keep it shut as much as possible.  She stresses though, that if it smells or looks bad, to just pitch it.

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