Horry County Schools prep for hurricane season

WMBF Storm Team (WMBF) Being a coastal county, Horry County schools know they must be prepared for the possibly of a hurricane striking the area. The first concern is getting the students home safely before using the buildings for other purposes.

The school system relies on the Horry County Emergency Operations Center for information on storms and possible evacuations. Once a voluntary evacuation is issued, principles will be notified and all students will be dismissed.

Executive Director for Student Affairs, James Bradley, says that at this point staff will begin to prep the building by removing all loose objects from outside and covering equipment with protective plastic. Two schools, Loris Elementary School and Conway Elementary School, will be used as shelters when a voluntary evacuation is issued.

In the event a mandatory evacuation is issued, the Red Cross would use nine other schools as shelters, listed below.

  • Aynor Elementary School
  • Aynor High School
  • Green Sea-Floyds Elementary School
  • Conway Elementary School
  • Conway High School
  • Green Sea- Floyds High School
  • Loris High School
  • Whittemore Park Middle School
  • Pee Dee Elementary School

Two other school buildings will be used as command centers for emergency personnel such as the police, National Guard, fire department, and first responders. These buildings will not be open to the public.

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