How to properly board up your home before a hurricane

WMBF Storm Team (WMBF) Being prepared and knowing what supplies you will need when boarding up will save you valuable time in the event of a hurricane. It is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your home. The boards are not necessarily to prevent the glass from breaking, but rather will help to protect the interior of your home and possibly keep your roof intact.

Other than plywood, you will need a tape measurer, chalk line, circular saw, power drill, gloves, safety glasses, and screws at least one and a quarter inch in length. The screws need to be able to go through the plywood and firmly into the mold of the window.

You want to get plywood that is at least 7/16 inch OSB. This type will be most cost efficient and is strong enough to board up with. If you live along the immediate cost, 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch is recommended.

For those that have a home with vinyl or stucco siding, drilling is not recommended as it may cause damage. Ply-locks work well for these types of homes as it holds the plywood in place by clipping onto the home.

You first want to count all of the windows in your house, including the garage door.  Then, measure each window and cut the plywood so that it overlaps at least two inches both width a height of the window.

John Copley, Pro Sales Supervisor at Home Depot, strongly encourages that these supplies to be purchased as early as possible after a hurricane is forecasted. While hardware stores will be able stock-up prior to a storm, there is a threat that supplies will run low.

Having a plan in place now and knowing what you need to board up your home will go a long way to protecting your property should a tropical system impact the area.

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