Who should board up before a hurricane?

WMBF Storm Team (WMBF) Since 1901, just over two dozen tropical systems have made landfall along our coast. While the area is not affected very often, being ready to board up is one of the most important things you can do to be prepared.

Many vacationers head to the Grand Strand during hurricane season without giving it a second though, but those that live here know it's only a matter of time before another storm moves in. Homes and businesses line the coastline, all potentially being in harm's way. Areas along the coast that are likely to see the strongest winds are going to want to board up well in advance of an approaching storm.

Most homeowners will be able to board up every window in their home, but many hotels simply have too many to try and board up. Karon Mitchell, owner of the Sea Palms Motel, says that while she will not be able to board up every window, she is ready to protect what she believes to be most important.

The Sea Palms Motel has permanent tracking around their office window so they will be able to install metal storm shutters in a short about of time. Their office houses important documents, computers and storm supplies, all of which they want to protect.

Being prepared to board up your home or business will save you valuable time should a dangerous storm approach the coast. Many different ways to board up are available including permanent storm shutters, metal shutters, and traditional plywood.

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