Consider This: Derelict Boats

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) This past fall we first reported on derelict boats littering our waterways and the red tape local authorities faced in trying to remove these eyesores.

Through persistence and legal wrangling the groups have made huge strides in addressing this issue.

Consider This: We frequently complain about the inefficiency of government, and those complaints are certainly deserved, but we want to compliment Horry County Councilman Brent Schulz, Horry County Property Manager Jim Papadea and the other groups involved in tackling this issue in such a timely, efficient manner.

Abandoned boats are a navigational hazard, a danger to wildlife and unsightly. With the heavy boating season just beginning the removal of these vessels will make for a more enjoyable experience along area waterways. Again, job well done.

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