Travel alert issued after bin Laden's death

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Higher security will be in affect at many airports across the country. At Myrtle Beach International, officials are taking safety seriously.

The State Department says there is an increased potential for Anti-American violence especially for those getting ready to travel.

For those along the Grand Strand, it could mean putting off that overseas vacation. Some may cancel the flights all together and just drive to a nearby vacation destination. Americans living or traveling abroad especially in areas that have already seen violence should limit their time outside their home and avoid large gatherings.

The State Department's alert says retaliation attacks from Al-Qaeda and its affiliates is more likely now that the group's leader is dead.

After the attacks in 2001, a color-coded terrorist alert system was put into place. As of April 26th, that system has now been replaced with a newer, more detailed system. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the new system has two alert levels. "Elevated" warns of a credible terrorist threat to the U.S., and "imminent" means there is a specific and impending terrorist threat.

Shante Walker says,"I would still travel either way. An alert is just be careful you get hurricane alerts, tornado alerts but it doesn't mean it's just going to happen right then and there. It's going to take time, they still have to plan. It's just been announced so they have time to have it secure everywhere."

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